Immediate financial relief

Legal protection for your assets

Managed by experts with experience in asset protection

Our asset protection plan is the answer for distressed asset owners

Protect your assets while you repay your debt with peace of mind

The asset protection plan will aid asset owners seeking to resolve their financial problems. During the process you will receive protection through a debt review court order that prevents legal action.

This is an optimal solution for you to hold onto your assets and improve your financial well being.

Our ideal clients are professionals with assets or high unsecured debt that feel more comfortable dealing with a registered debt adviser.

Build a relationship with our debt counsellor and receive credible advice on your case throughout the process.

One consolidated payment

That you can afford

Escape legal action

With court order protection

Premium service

Trustworthy advice from a registered debt counselor

Cover essential expenses

And statutory deductions every month

We deal with your creditors

End relentless harassment from debt collectors

Fix arrears

And improve your credit score

Choose the right partner for your future

Deal with a debt counsellor with a good reputation

The key to successful debt review is ensuring that you partner with the right debt counsellor.

We do not use call center sales agents to provide advice.

You have a personal and dedicated debt adviser that will help you on your journey and guide you throughout the process. They are experts in asset management and focus on cases that require expert attention.

A personal and unique approach for each client

1.Maintain prudent management of your finances

Manage your finances with a realistic monthly budget that allows you to meet day to day expenses, repay your debt and save your assets.

2. Live without abusing your financial freedom

Immediately improve your cash flow and make provision for the important things in life.  You will no longer have the need to live off credit and feel like your debt is suffocating your family.

3. Fight off legal action & gain a fresh start

When your debt is repaid in full you will be issued with a clearance certificate. Our team will deal with your creditors on your behalf, so no more nasty calls. You will no longer have to endure any further stress.

Debt review is a management system that protects your assets and provides a clear exit strategy for ending your debt

Our premier debt counsellors make it possible for you to obtain legal protection without hassle. They will take care of the entire process and obtain a court order while you focus on your career.
One affordable installment

Consolidate your payments into one affordable installment. This includes your bond and vehicle payments, so you can reduce your financial stress. Our expert team will ensure you have more discretionary income every month while you’re paying off your debt.

Fix arrears & rebuild your personal financial profile

You will have a clear plan to eliminate all your debt. When your debt is paid off you will receive a clearance certificate that will clear all your debt off your profile. This will allow you to start over with your creditors on good terms.

Secure your assets for your future.

It's more beneficial to protect the assets you have than to try acquire new ones when they have been repossessed. Leverage our experience in helping thousands of families keep their home and car in time of financial need.

Live a peaceful life knowing your debt troubles are in our control

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Please note the Asset protection plan is available for clients that earn from R15000 per month and can pay at least R4000 per month towards their debt.

Premier asset protection provides a secure way to recover from your debt

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