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Half of the working population in South Africa works to service debt. Before they can realize it, their debt spirals out of control.

Previously financially sound families find themselves trapped by their financial commitments. They are unable to invest or save to improve their financial position as long as they have this debt burden.

It starts with signing an agreement based on their current financial situation. As time moves on, circumstances change and they may experience a reduction in salary or commission cuts. One partner may even lose an income due to retrenchment, or the family has to rely on credit to keep up with school fees. The cost of debt could change and living expenses increase.

All these situations can happen at any time, but without savings it's difficult to keep on track. When expenses are more than the income, people get forced to supplement income with more debt.

It's at this point the "bubble bursts" and they realize that it is just not physically or mentally possible to keep up with the pressure. A negative balance every month digs a deeper hole that is difficult to climb out of.

It's unjust to put a debtor in a worse financial position when he or she already has a shortfall in income.

It's like taking advantage of a vulnerable person. This is unconstitutional.

Freedom through
Voluntary Surrender

There is a way to escape insurmountable debt and protect those most vulnerable from becoming destitute.

It's called voluntary surrender or sequestration. The debtor is
relieved from the obligation to pay his or her creditors under the insolvency act. By voluntary surrendering to the estate to the master of the high court, the debtor will rid up to 80% of the debt. The balance gets paid over 18 to 24 months interest free.

Settle all your debt

Pay all your short term debt like loans, credit cards and store accounts

Remove judgements

Judgements are included in the process so you can start over with a clear credit record in no time

Financial literacy program

Enroll in a 12 month financial literacy program with additional rewards

Save up to 50% monthly

Your monthly debt repayments will be reduced with a debt consolidation loan

Stop creditor harassment

Your creditors deal with the curator so you eliminate harassment

Get a fresh start now

Repay your debt and apply for rehabilitation in 3-4 years

The process

1.Debtor assessment

The debtor has an assessment to determine if he or she is insolvent and will receive a quotation.

2. Advert in Government Gazette

Once the quote is accepted the debt’s advocate places an advert in the government gazette. The debtor is now the insolvent and protected by the insolvency act. He or she will stop making payment to all creditors accept garnishee orders.

3. Statement of affairs

The advocate will draw up a state of affairs with the creditors and details the amounts they receive when the order is granted.

6. Rehabilitation

The advocate will draw up a state of affairs with the creditors and details the amounts they receive when the order is granted.

5. Repayment terms

The curator has the duty of selling the assets and winding up the estate. Any profit from the sale of the assets will go towards the debt.
The insolvent will pay the balance of the fees to the curator over a period of 18-24 months. Garnishee orders will cease with the employer gets the court order.

4. Appearance in court

The advocate will present the case on behalf of the debtor to the court and the debtor doesn’t have to be present. The court will grant an order and assign a curator to the case.

Positive effects of voluntary surrender

1. Pay back 20-25c for every rand of debt

1. You rid yourself of up to 80% of your debt. This is paid over 24 months interest free.

2. Judgments are included in the process

Judgment orders cease when your sequestration order is granted.

3. Remove garnishee orders from your income

Garnishee orders will cease when your employer receives your sequestration order. Your income is protected from future garnishee orders while under the process.

4. Have your debt review order ceased

This is a solution for clients that want to stop debt review and rather start over through the voluntary surrender process.

5. Prevent a property auction

A sequestration order can stop your bank from auctioning your property. If you include the property in the sequestration, the curator will work to sell the property at a better value than an auction. This is in your best interest because if there is more profit it will help settle your debts so you pay less.


6. Deal with a Curator

This will save yourself the harassment from creditors and make the process hassle free.


7. Positive cash flow

With your debt out the way you will see more of your salary every month. This will have a positive effect on your cash flow and well being.

Negative effects of voluntary surrender

No Credit facilities

You wont be able to make further credit until you have been rehabilitated. This is actually a blessing in disguise because it will give you the opportunity to learn to live without credit. Remember you will have extra income every month from not paying your debt.

Married in community of property

If you are married in community of property, both spouses must follow the process.

Assets included in the process

You wont be able to retain your property or vehicle. In some cases the insolvent has the opportunity to buy the assets back from the curator but it’s not guaranteed. 

Employment positions affected

It can affect some high end positions. You will not be able to be a director of a company or close corporation. You may also not manage a trust account.

If you are a director of a company you can consider options like our asset protection plan and debt management plan.

The sequestration process can be simple and painless when you use a professional

Premier debt experts partners have more than 10 year experience in handling voluntary surrender cases.
Through voluntary surrender financially stressed South Africans find a way to start over.
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