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Cover all the risks associated with your assets

Use our insurance service to genuinely protect your interests

Convenient cover with partners that understand your needs

Our insurance partner provides the necessary cover for you to protect your assets and meet the requirements of your financial institutions.

They understand your financial situation and will arrange satisfactory cover that suits your unique needs.

Cutting corners on your insurance cover when your financial situation changes, can put you in a vulnerable position when you can least afford the damages.

With Premier Debt's insurance solution, you can get access to essential cover through a simple phone call. We have done all the legwork for you so can keep your insurance cover and protect your future.

Reputable insurer

That is well established in South Africa

Ensure your interests are protected

We make sure you are adequately insured

Premium service

And flexible cover you can count on

An opportunity for better rates

So you can save more money every month

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Insurance cover options available

Have peace of mind knowing your insurance partner has your back in times of need

Deal with a well established insurer

Choose the type of insurance cover that suits your needs and your pocket, simple to understand, without the fine-print.

Live your way with cover that enables a stress free lifestyle

1.Decide your preferred way to interact with our partner

Contact an expert or online: 24/7/365

2. Efficient claims process

Submit your claims online for a hassle free process.

3. Flexibility

Manage your policy online and choose flexible excesses.

Life is not about things - It's about the meaning that those things bring to your life

Use premier debt insurance utility to access products, services and solutions that enable you to live and enjoy life on your own terms – in your own way.
Sufficient Building Insurance

Ensure your house is covered at the current building cost per square meter, including provision for outside extras like your swimming pool.

Ample Home Contents Insurance

Secure your future with house hold contents cover insured for current replacement value.

Comprehensive Motor vehicle cover

Safeguard yourself against 3rd party claims, accidents and theft. Our partners have you covered.

Business insurance

Our partner offers a wide range of products and comprehensive cover to help you protect your business while you focus on generating income.

Secure your future with the right cover that protects your family's interests

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Premier insurance service provides a convenient plan to ensure your assets are always protected

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