Deal directly with professionals

Enjoy a positive experience

Receive satisfactory advice at all times

A solution for debt review clients that need better service

A robust approach to complete your debt review

This is a personalized service for professionals that prefer their debt review case handled with the right care.

You will have the opportunity to deal directly with your debt counselor at all times. No more call centers, emails or disappointment.

Our objective is to restore your faith in the process by providing you with exceptional customer care.

Use our assistance to end your service hassles so you can use your time more efficiently.

Trusted partners

That you can count on

Build a relationship

Directly with your debt adviser

Better your experience

Through receiving credible advice

Fix Errors

And ensure your rights are protected

Move forward

With the right plan for clearing your debt

Save time

With your debt hassles out the way you will have more time for what matters in your life.

Transfer your case to Premier Debt Advisers

Deal with a professional team

Have peace of mind knowing that your case is managed by experts at all times.

We do not use call centers to provide service.

You will build a relationship with a professional that can answer your questions and provide rock solid advice in times of need.

Receive the guidance and support you deserve so that you can finally breathe again

1.Choose an option that suits you

You have the option to transfer your case to our debt counselor or debt management team.

This gives you the opportunity to have more flexibility on choosing the right plan for you.


2. Fix past errors on your case

When you move your case to us you will deal with experts that will look at your case from a different perspective.

They will fix any errors to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

3. Rebuild relationships with creditors

Your debt adviser will ensure that you remain in good standing with your creditors by ensuring your payments are paid on time every month.

Participation in good faith by all stakeholders is crucial if you want to have a successful debt review outcome.

Partner with carefully selected debt experts that act in your best interest.

Premier debt experts provide excellent customer service and solutions that are tailored to meet your individual needs.

We provide a second chance for a brighter future.

Stop worrying about your debt review

A great customer experience helps you to open up the door towards a new attitude to your personal finances

A practical and effective solution to solve your debt problems

By leveraging the skills and experience of our expert debt advisers, you will have a concrete plan for clearing your debt. You can finally put the past behind you as your work towards your goal of eliminating your debt.

Build a secure future

The best way to fix your service is to find a new provider. With the right partners on your side you can focus on your career and family while we deal with the stress.

Work with experts that can manage your case successfully

Watch the video below and then complete your details to receive a proposal.

Please note that we can only assist clients that pay at least R5000 per month for their debt review installment.

Premier debt review transfers provides a solution for debt review clients searching for better service

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