One monthly payment you can afford

We handle your payments and creditors

Work with a professional

Our debt management plan provides a discreet way to manage your debt

A wise solution to recover from unsecured debt

The debt management plan is designed for over- indebted clients that don't have the time or expertise to manage their debt.

Our goal is to reduce both the amount you owe and the time it takes you to repay your debt so you can regain control of your finances.

We work with clients that are committed to resolving their debt but prefer to let experts manage their accounts and deal with creditors.

Making use of our service removes the stress from your shoulders and affords you the time to focus on your business or job for a successful future.

One consolidated payment

That you can afford

No court order on your credit record

Results for clients that want to avoid debt review

Premium service

Expert advice from debt management professionals

Save thousands in interest

Our legal team fights for your rights

we deal with your creditors

Remove the hassles and stress

Fix arrears

And improve your credit score

Build a better future with the right partners on your side

Deal with a professional team

Have peace of mind knowing that your case is managed by experts at all times.

We do not use call centers to provide service.

You will build a relationship with a professional that can answer your questions and provide rock solid advice in times of need.

Individually designed to meet your specific financial situation

1.Maintain a healthy budget

Gain complete control of your financial well being with a monthly budget and financial goal.

2. Live without being dependent on credit

Unlock monthly income from your existing credit agreements while repaying your debt. This allows you to cover your monthly expenses without taking out more credit.

3. Get a fresh start with your creditors

Our team will ensure your accounts are paid every month on time so you can rebuild a good relationship with your creditors.

By managing your debt with an affordable plan you can eliminate excessive costs that will help you repay your debt much faster.

Premier debt experts can help you repay your debt in 3 to 5 years instead of 10 or 20 years.
Our partners have over 15 years experience negotiating with creditors. They know exactly what to look for and what to say to ensure your constitutional rights are protected.
Clear your debt

Our debt management plan provides a unique way of eliminating your debt. The simplified payment schedule will remove your money stress and improve your quality of life.

Rebuild your credit rating

This is your opportunity to rebuild and restore your credit. If you are behind on payments then its best to take control now and end your unfavorable financial situation.

Secure your future

Clean your slate and pave the way to financial freedom. We will not take your last cent and ensure you will be looked after before repaying your creditors.

Build a better future with our debt management experts in control of your debt

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Please note the Debt management plan is available for clients that earn a minimum net salary of R10 000 per month and can pay at least R4000 per month towards their debt.

Premier debt management provides a strategic plan to eliminate your unsecured debt

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