What creditors think about “loan bouncers”

A loan bouncer is not a buff security bouncer that comes after those who do not pay loans. We refer to a “loan bouncer” as a person that let’s their loan debit order “bounce” or return as unpaid. We see this as a reality for some applicants that apply for Premier Finance loans.

These clients send us their bank statements with disputed loan payments. Some clients have multiple loans returning unpaid. This means people are applying for loans when they cannot repay their current debt.

To assist you from making the same mistakes over and over, we want to discuss how this affects your loan application.

Returned debit orders or disputes result in an immediate decline

A financier will reject your application when they discover loan payment disputes. The most straight forward reason is because they cannot trust you to repay their loan. If you are already defaulting on loan payments you are considered high risk. It’s a sign that you are over- committed and cannot afford further credit.

The National Credit Act protects you, the consumer, against reckless credit by prohibiting a credit provider from entering into a reckless credit agreement with a consumer who is already over-indebted and struggling to pay his/her accounts. If they did give you more credit that credit provider could and would be heavily penalized. Conversely, if you do not fully and truthfully answer the credit providers questions when applying for a loan it could have negative consequences for you.

The ONLY way to qualify for finance is to fix the problem and stop your returned debit orders.

How you can unlock cash from your credit agreements

Instead of running a deficit every month and falling more and more behind. Take action and bring your debt in line with your current income.

Yes you can restructure your debt repayments and unlock money every month through paying less. There is no additional interest or opportunity to make the situation worse. You hand over your financial matters to an expert that alleviates all the stress.

Debt management plan

Consolidate all your unsecured debt and slash interest. If you have assets, you must repay them in full. You can always use the extra cash to cover this payment. This is for clients that want to avoid debt review.

Asset protection plan

If you are running into trouble with your asset payments get legal protection. Securing your vehicle and home is important so you don’t lose the effort you sacrificed to earn them.

Where do you want to be in 6 months time?

Which image do you want to represent your life in a few months?

Why you should act NOW!

If you do nothing today it’s likely you can be in a worse position in 6 months time. If you act today you would be through your first 6 months of your debt repair program.

The choice is yours. There is no risk to take an assessment!

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